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Release Date: Nov 17, 2012 The following material is copyrighted and remains the intellectual property of the author. The author grants to the reader a non-exclusive, non-transferable license to make a backup copy of this material for the purpose of private, personal use, provided that no unauthorized third party shall copy this material, in whole or in part, and distribute same. By uploading material to this website, the reader agrees to abide by this license and/or declare that no copying, modification or distribution of this material will occur without the expressed written consent of the author. Introduction The following essay, written at a university in the US in 2007, was intended for internal use only and was never published. It is given here solely for academic purposes. It deals with an important issue in the evolution of the Left, namely the relationship between strategic thinking and ‘ideological’ and ‘metapolitical’ thinking. The Left has, I believe, been particularly bad in its failure to deal with strategic or ‘meta-strategic’ issues, or the nature of long term revolutionary movement, in spite of its relative success in ‘ideological’ issues, on which the Left has been relatively successful. As socialists become more successful in the bourgeois media, they tend to be seen by the broader public as increasingly ‘realistic’ in their aspirations. This is to some extent because of the general ideological success of the Left, which has often been erroneously attributed to its success in the ‘ideological’ fields of class and the like. The point I would like to make is that success in the ‘ideological’ fields of class struggle and the like may not be associated with long term revolutionary success. Success in this regard may be attributed to the fact that the Left has succeeded in propagandizing the masses as regards the importance of certain issues, or the aims and methods of the Left, which is of course a necessary thing. However this does not mean that these issues are actually important in reality. I have in mind here the so called ‘’necessity of proletarian revolution’ or the necessity of socialism, to which the Left has often subscribed. A number of theoretical perspectives may be involved in the justification of such a perspective, such as human alienation, the need for change, social and environmental damage etc. While such justifications may be successful in propaganda, they don’t necessarily mean that




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Vernon God Little Audio Book Download [Latest]
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