You May Have to Borrow…But Never Beg!

Food For Thought

In this world, you always need money.  But, much more than money, we need faith and wisdom.  Without faith and wisdom, we panic, we mismanage, we beg, and, we grow arrogant when God blesses us.  All negatives from being motivated by pride, fear and insecurity.

Every situation in our life comes for one thing...

to bring us closer to God.

  Self must be broken. 

Pride must be broken. 

However, fear and doubt cloud the truth.  We see our misfortunes and trials as setbacks instead of setups.  We trust people, we beg, we run after fame, fortune and status in society. 

Our security is based on what we have rather than pure childlike faith in God! 

You see, our Lord never…never loses control!  Never! 

" He is I am…that I am!  "

 He needs nothing and no one.  He is ever present and knows all and he owns everything! We panic, we beg and sometime borrow when we don't need to, because we live by the natural.  The natural is simply a place of contact and for us to see the attributes of an all-powerful God who spoke nature or biological matter into existence.  He only needs us to be believe and be obedient.

Remember, faith is always our victory! 

It can move mountains.  It can heal the sick.  It can open blind eyes.  It brings prosperity and wealth.  Fear and insecurity are always our defeat.  If we go by what we see, our situations always look bleak and insurmountable.  And, that's the way God designed it to be.  Like Israel in the wilderness, we either move forward with total trust in him or we cower in fear begging and borrowing in the wilderness of defeat. The Israelites angered the Lord with their lame excuses for unbelief.  Where and how is God going to provide? Hmmm. 

So foolish! 

He proved himself from day one,

“and the earth was without form and void, and the sprit of the Lord...." 

God doesn’t need anything from us except a heart full with faith.

"I have been young, and now am old; yet have I not seen the righteous forsaken, nor his seed begging bread."  (Isaiah 37:25)

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