Women Need Strong men!!!

Updated: Jan 20


Growing up I saw a lot of movies that featured charismatic and male chauvinistic men.  There were the James bonds and Clint Eastwoods that won the day and got the girl through their charm and ingenuity. 

Being young, I believed!

But, the truth is far from that. Charisma is false security and a deceptive mask of pride to hide weakness: emptiness, fear, and insecurity.  Most men wear it, and most women, like in the movies, love and fall for it to their detriment. 

Coupled with this, there is a new breed of twenty-first century men emerging.  Birthed and fostered by feminism, they are very passive, irresponsible and abdicate authority.  They love to pretend that they are fighting for women's rights and equality.  Truth is, they are insanely jealous, and hate strong men because it highlights how weak, passive and insecure they are.

A man achieves his greatest strength when he is humble.   Humility invites the Spirit of God to direct him. "For without me" Jesus says, "Ye can do nothing "  Humility is not a go-for man who fears authority and submits to his wife's wishes.  He submits to Christ and balances his relationship with his wife by being a good listener and team player.  A man's strength is not measured by a mask of pride, how good he is in the bedroom, or success.  It's measured by humility and a genuine relationship with God.

"A wise man is strong; yea, a man of knowledge increaseth strength." (Proverbs 24:5)

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