When Your Mind Is UpSIDE DoWN

Updated: Aug 14, 2019

Do any of these sound like you?

1. You hate when people tell you the truth...

2. You are always the victim...

3. You scorn those who are less fortunate & very gleefull when people make mistakes or fall..

4. Always looking to flip arguments so you can be the winner..

5. Never admit failure or apologizes..

6. See people as things to be used rather than human beings to be cared for and loved..

7. Conflicts are never about resolving misunderstandings, they are a means to bruising another person's heart and being arrogant or grandstanding/exalting self...

8. Love to curse and sware because it feels natural when you don't feel you are getting your way....

9. Lying comes natural and is your Modus Operandi for controlling and dominating others...

10. You use words that intimidate to make people feel insecure so you can manipulate them.

If some or all apply lets look into each one and see how we can change it for the positive. One at a time. There's no rush...god is waiting...always.

If this is you, humble yourself and look into your heart. Let go of the negativity....let it all go.... repent and say a little prayer....even if its for the first time, or the first in a long time..... speak to him like a best friend someone you trust..... tell him you want to let it all go and start over... life has a way of reciprocating in abundance. Reach out to us, will will guide you..

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