When Should A Woman Disobey Her Husband?

Updated: Jan 20


Only..only if her husband asks her to disobey the word or known will of God.  Or, a situation against her conscience.  For example, the government says don't go outside there is a deadly virus.  Your husband, a Christian man, decides to go to church because he believes God is going to protect him.  You are aware he isn't the man of God he proclaims to be.... and you should obey government law....as long as government law doesn't go against the word of God. 

He went and got coronavirus and he is now dead. If you went with him, you would be as well.  That is a true story.  God is the ultimate head, he allowed this virus (the world is sleeping and desperately needs to repent).  99% of the time, a husband should be obeyed.   He is the head of the woman.

Remember, marriage is a very, very serious thing.  The key is always...always recruiting the right person. 

Marry right if you want less of a fight. 

Choose wisely!!

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