Use Your Curfew and Qurantine Time Wisely!!!

Updated: Jan 20

It's lockdown, it's curfew, and we have to be indoors


no NFL,

no MBL

What is God trying to tell us?  He is jealous.  He is God Worship is his alone! 

Most people are fearful and afraid.  Yet, our God is mercifulIf... we humble ourselves.  If we pray.  If we turn from our wicked and very selfish ways, he will relent and heal us.

With that in mind, Marriage Mechanics is offering singles preparation and

"Fight For Your Marriage"

classes.  You know, we prepare people for college, yet, the most important decision in their lives, marriage, we tell them to trust their feelings

"Fall in love" they say. 

It's one of Satan's biggest lie.  Imagine this, you trust a feelings to make a lifetime decision:


Without wisdom and understanding, we fail...big time!  Marriage is not a mistake that you can make! 

Learn in our singles class how to recruit the right teammate to play on an elite championship team. 

In our marriage class, grasp the wisdom it takes to make a marriage work and keep love alive. 

Come out of this dilemma a better person and with a better marriage!

These classes are online & international and you can take them from anywhere in the world. 

You don't have to be getting married to take classes.   

Please email us at:

marriage mechanics m



All classes only $25.00 -  You will be given a phone number and access code to your virtual class along with class times.

Classes will commence as soon as we have enough participants to fill classes.

About the facilitator:

This non-profit organization started a local magazine formatted TV program called Marriage Mechanics. A major success they then started Marriage Mechanics the Program which became the most popular TV program on a secular station; Thus founding Marriage Mechanics Ministries, a multi-facet ministry using TV, radio, and the print media to build, revitalize, and bring encouragement to couples and those contemplating marriage with a Bible-based marriage message.

Lambert Sands, President of Marriage Mechanics, and originally from the Bahamas, is an ordained minister and has been in ministry almost forty years. He is a gifted speaker and author of numerous books. He currently lives in Florida with his two daughters after the passing of his wife in 2012.

Current books available and can be purchased online at

  • The Complete Fight For Your Marriage Book

  • The Real Truth About Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage

  • Living Single

  • The Noah Chronicles

  • Books in the works/to be published

  • Understanding Male Authority

  • The Long and Short of Choosing the Right Marriage Partner

  • Understanding the Matrix- Our universe has codes!

  • The Treasure Box (A couple’s devotional)

  • Ministering to Marriages (A counselor's guide to laying the right marriage foundation)

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