The Demonic Mindsets

Food For Thought!

The Bible says that Satan is the God of this world.  It means that he controls the mind of those who do not obey Christ

Unknowingly, they are slaves to thoughts being downloaded into their minds by the Prince of Darkness. 

Here are eighteen satanic mindsets to be avoided and repented of:

        1. Very selfish and cares only about self; insensitive to the needs of others         2. Rejoices in the misfortune of others         3. Wants revenge         4. Likes hurting others         5. Plots evil against others         6. Grades people by outer attributes i.e. wealth, status in society, handsome, pretty etc. rather than good character and inner virtue         7. Very insecure and resorts to manipulation,  control,  and domination         8. Always paints themselves as victims rather than take responsibility for choices and decisions         9. Fears everything i.e. the weather. people, circumstances, the boogeyman except the thing and person we should fear: the word of God.         10. See people as doormats and items to be used for personal aims and pleasure         11. Hates the very idea of submission and service to others         12. Money replaces faith in God         13. Very deceptive and two-faced         14. Verbally abusive         15. Does everything to impress others         16. Takes advantage of the poor and vulnerable         17. Usually very charismatic which is compensating for real virtue and power         18. Always advertising sex

If these mindsets are in your life, Satan has a foothold in your life.  Repent...


Lord, I'm struggling and I need you. Break the chains in my life causing me to think, act, and do any ungodly things that I do. God I know you died so I could come to you when I have fallen. You are there to forgive me and pick me up... Father, come into my life again, hear me, I need you... I repent Jesus name...Amen.

Feel the weight be lifted as all is forgiven...

"And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God."  (Romans 12:2)

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