The Covid "Vaccine" Two Years Later

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(Let's review, take an objective step back, and really understand what happened)

A vaccine is a biological preparation that provides active acquired immunity to a particular infectious disease. A vaccine typically contains an agent that resembles a disease-causing microorganism and is often made from weakened or killed forms of the microbe, its toxins, or one of its surface proteins.

(Wikipedia) "A vaccine is a tested, safe, and proven system of preventing and curing disease. It provides not some or partial; it provides complete immunity. And, it's the reason a government, our leaders from among us, would mandate that we all get it. It's reasonable, low risk, and acceptable. None of this is true about the Covid vaccine.


I am not an expert. However, I believe that I can speak with understanding. This means working with the facts and common knowledge or common sense as people say. Genes are the building blocks or foundation of the human body. These cells obviously have a messaging system. They talk to each other. For example, if I feel cold my cells or genes message other cells to shiver to produce heat. Or, if I am hot, the message is to perspire to cool down. There are perhaps innumerable other ways the mind and body do this messaging.

Studying genetics can help us in many ways as we learn to help the human body when it doesn't function or message properly. For example, when the gene system in our body doesn't message properly because of a mutation or defect caused by birth, accident, or environmental stimuli like a virus attacks the body cells. Then, we can use our understanding of genetics to bring relief and healing through medicine or artificial stimulus.

However, because and as always, every action has a reaction. Every cause has an effect. We need to evaluate risk versus reward. Just like when you take a prescription drug: this is what the drug does, however, these are the adverse effects. So, that you make your choice, let me say that again, SO THAT YOU MAKE YOUR CHOICE, knowing the risk/benefit.

Furthermore, because of the grave danger and ethical concerns involved with genetics, we need discussion, public discourse, and government oversight before prescribing certain genetic treatments. We need to know exactly, exactly, how the technology works. We need to know the safeguards. We need to satisfy all ethical, moral, and religious concerns.

We are told by the American CDC that the mRNA vaccine technology has been developed for years and it is safe. It's genetic messaging technology that simply triggers an immune response. If a person has no knowledge of gene therapy and does no in-depth research, they would be inclined to accept and trust the CDC.

Why not?

It's a government agency. Accept it's 2022. The world is a very corrupt place where there is a deluge of lies and misinformation. Only faith, real faith in Jesus, can pull you through.


Under a disguise of an emergency, power was taken from the populous and given to the pharmaceutical companies.


What? Yeah, corrupt, money-hungry pharmaceutical companies are given the power to experiment on humans.

This is true!

Because they didn't have sufficient time (accelerated process. Now humans are the guinea pigs) to determine the efficacy of the treatment or the adverse effects.


This, of course, will be known over the coming years.

Then, very dangerous and unethical gene therapy (genes are the foundation of who you are) injected into trusting humans believing their governments have their best interest at heart. But, pharmaceutical companies have kept moving the goalposts. First, you are immunized against the disease. Then, if you got the disease, it won't be severe. Then, you won't die, if you were severely infected.

All these statements are factual lies.

Doubled vaccinated and boosted people have become sick, some, no doubt, have died.

The level of deception is mind-blowing, to say the least. I am yet to see any investigative reporting by any, any news organization. Pharmaceutical companies have had their way worldwide. Using their massive money-chess and governmental authority, doctors, hospitals, etc worldwide have been coerced to just fall in line.

Any resistance, questions, or treatments other than the so-called vaccine were immediately labeled as conspiracy and unscientific. Yet, any fool can see that nothing makes sense. (According to reliable reports, Covid is now a big moneymaker for hospitals if a patient can be labeled Covid positive or died from Covid)

Here are just some of the very important unanswered questions: What exactly are all the possible adverse effects? Since you are using gene therapy, I would like to know more about the messaging, how far does it go? Can you message my do stuff? Can this therapy be remotely accessed...its messaging, right? What exactly are the compounds put into my body? Remember, a human being is a private person. Nobody should be allowed to manipulate his privacy or take away his will to make conscious decisions.

Gene therapy has this potential.

It does!

Let's remember that pharmaceutical companies hide research that may be detrimental to their bottom line: making money. Furthermore, no one, no one, should be given a green light to indiscriminately use gene therapy like the Nazi Dr. Menegele to experiment on humans. Using fear and confusion, they got their way.

God allowed it.

It's called deception.

And, it was done worldwide.

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