“Having done all to stand, still stand.” (Ephesians 6:13)

The two soldiers stepped excitedly onto battlefield.  They had trained and prepared for this moment for a long time and now they were ready.  They were only on the battlefield a few minutes when arrows began flying from everywhere.  Large missiles are hurled at them seemingly from nowhere.  Soldiers all around were being hit.  Some died instantly, while many were running for cover.  Over in the distance, they could see a large battalion hoisting their hands as a sign of surrender.  Fighting desperately for their lives, the two young soldiers observed other dead soldiers, who had fought but forgot to bring proper weapons to the battlefield.  They were unaware of the heated and ferocious battle. Looking down at the weapons they held in their hands, they knew, without a shadow of a doubt, that if these failed they too would surely die.


The battle of the soldiers is very similar to the institution of marriage.  Couples enter in filled with excitement and great expectations after dreaming and preparing for this long awaited moment. 

But hardly are they down the aisles and out the door, when obstacles of every kind are hurled their way.  Obligations and issues begin to rock their world.  Amidst some victories, unexpected situations arise from all directions causing them to run for cover. There are couples in marriages that are dead or dying. Others are fighting selfishly not working together as a team.   

But in the midst of this, there are soldiers, married couples that are strategizing together and winning the war.  Their weapons are ancient, but strong, powerful and sure: That weapon?

The word of God

These couples are led by the powerful unseen power of the Holy Spirit.   The enemy attacks them with missiles and firepower but the attacks only cause them to grow stronger in faith and resolve - so strong that they are able to encourage the weak and dying back to health; even some of the dead come back to life! God himself ordained marriage, and he alone knows the weapons needed to bring victory and restoration.  These weapons are not man-made but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds.  They are faith, prayer without ceasing, righteousness, truth, love and the word of God.   Remember, we win or lose depending on the weapons we use. Thought:*  The invincible weapons of God are tried, tested, and proven. Lord, We accept your strength as we move forth in faith to overcome the battles and win the war.  Thank you Jesus for power weapons.

Marriage Mechanics

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