Updated: Aug 14, 2019

“Lest Satan should get an advantage of us: for we are not ignorant of his devices.” (2 Corinthians 2:11)

Nothing hinders the development of a marriage like unforgiveness. Holding on to past injuries and mistakes is fatal to marital growth. Unforgiveness causes bitterness and bitterness leads to hatred. We must learn to forgive and forget. It’s the only way to move our marriage to the next level.

For most of us, the wounds of the past prevent us from pressing forward. We remember the verbal abuse. We remember the affair, the manipulation and control, and refuse to forgive and forget. Our unforgiveness turns into bitterness and eventually hatred, killing the love that we once had for our mates.

The root of unforgiveness is pride. We never see the wrong that we have done. In our own opinion, we are above the people that have wounded us. However, God sees differently. We are all guilty of rebellion and the crucifixion of His son. The Bible tells us that God has forgiven us of so great a debt that we can never withhold forgiveness from another person.

Jesus taught a parable of a servant that was indebted to his master for a great sum. When he pleaded for forgiveness, his master promptly forgave him the debt. However, this same servant refused to forgive a fellow servant that owed him much less. When the master heard what this servant had done he was angry, and submitted the unforgiving servant to the tormentors. We will fare the same if we do not forgive. Forgiveness is not a luxury but a daily necessity.

Thought* A forgiving heart is like a pot of gold.


Gracious Lord, Give us a forgiving heart, a heart that is humble and protects the good of others. May we follow your life’s example, and walk in your footsteps until we become just like You. In the name of Jesus we pray,


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