Updated: Mar 22, 2020

“Marriage is honorable in all.” (Hebrews 13:4)

New census statistics indicate a large jump in the number of persons choosing to live together rather than marry. It appears people are indeed viewing marriage as an impossible relationship;

Many just don’t make it when they tie the knot. Husbands and wives are finding themselves on different sides of the battlefield and fighting against the very thing they got married for -unity and oneness.

Marriage is indeed difficult for most people hardened by a society of betrayal and insensitivity. We are taught to love ourselves first. We are encouraged to pursue our own dreams no matter the cost.

Thus, by the time we choose marriage, it’s our way or the highway. Manipulation, domination, control, and insensitivity are attitudes that pervade most marriages leading to hostility and divorce.

It is impossible for a marriage to grow and mature in such atmosphere. We must cast out this satanic leaven and renew our minds with the word of God. Our marriage can change today by simply changing our attitudes. Instead of seeking control, seek to serve.

Instead of demanding, try giving. Instead of manipulation, try honesty. Only God can change our mates. Our futile methods will fail every time, but with God all things are possible! Over the next few days let us look at biblical principals for those who are married, were married in the past, or seek to be married.

Thought:* Anything is possible if God is in it. Prayer time: Lord Jesus, remind us each day that nothing is impossible if you are with us. We give You thanks for lightening the load.

Marriage Mechanics

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