Marriage is that one mistake you just can't make!

Updated: Jan 20

Life is too short to live in misery. Yet, most people do. It's much more than our western "falling in love".  Recruitment is the most important part of the marital process. The wrong teammate means you won't win many games and you certainly won't win a championship.

You can't build on a bad foundation.  People usually go to counseling with the wrong person believing that they can change people.  However, people are like programs; they will function as designed. In other words, family background, culture, belief, and past relationship choices, are the root of character;  feelings, even the feeling of "falling in love" are transitory and the reason modern relationships don't last.

I encourage you to purchase Marriage Mechanics E-Books designed to simplify the process of marital selection and help you build on a firm foundation.

For a donation of any size to Marriage Mechanics E-Books, we will send ebooks:

"The Long and Short of Choosing the Right Marriage Partner"


"Laying a Sound Marriage Foundation."


Marriage is the one can't make!

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