Loving Darkness

Food For Thought

I don't think that any of us believe that we have a fetish for evil.  Most of us like to believe that we are good people.

But, that's not exactly the truth.

We actually love darkness. 

Well, what is the darkness and what is it that we really love? 

Darkness started when Satan tried to wrestle worship from God.  He wanted to be the one being adored.  He wanted to be the all-powerful-one. Of course, it was all a delusion and he was abruptly-like lightning- kicked out of heaven.

Darkness is the desire to be worshipped, to be self-centered, to have power, to control others, and to be without mercy or insensitive.

Mankind fell, when we embraced Satan's delusion: desiring worship. Now, from birth, we feed on this narcissistic tendency. 

  • As children, we strive for attention. 

  • We are very concern about what people think about us. 

  • We love to have control i.e. our own way (we hate the very thought of submission or serving others). 

  • Some of us worship our intellect. 

And, the list can continue.  Darkness prevails in most lives.

The sad part is, in our delusion, we really believe that we are in control!  The truth is, Satan, the king of darkness, controls the night.  He pulls the strings to lie; to cheat; to murder; to manipulate; to abuse; and to dominate.  Alas, the world is now awash of people who walk in darkness; oblivious that they are just pawns to hurt and bruise others.

"And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil."  (John 3:19)

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