Devotion - I AM THE LEADER

“This day l will begin to exalt you in the sight of all Israel, that they may know that , as I was with Moses, so I will be with you.” (Joshua 3:7)

Most people desire leadership. They dream about prominence, power, fame and fortune. They see it as a way to gain control and dominance over others. Few people understand the true meaning of this word: service, sacrifice, obedience and humility.

Thus, most marriages suffer as husbands and wives jockey for control. However, if we read the Bible carefully, we will find that leadership is birthed in humility and submission, words that have become anathema in the present philosophical darkness that have immersed us in doctrine of selfishness and self-centeredness.

When a husband embraces his leadership role, he learns daily to seek God for guidance and direction. He listens to the advice of his wife. He uses his God-given authority to vanquish evil and protect the sanctity of his home.

Leadership is an awesome responsibility that God has given to every man.

God has designed the man to act as a high priest and conduit of His Spirit into the family. However, in order for the Spirit to flow through a man’s life, he must yield himself unreservedly to the Creator.

Submission and humility are like giant magnet that draws the favor and power of God.

As you yield and depend on the Creator, you will indeed find more power than you ever dreamed!

This week we will reflect on what made some men great leaders.

*Thought* All authority is given of God.

Prayer Time

Jesus, You are our Lord and Master. Everything we are is because of You. You have given us access to your power, now show us how to use it to bring glory to Your name. Help us to come to a full and complete understanding of the responsibility of leadership, and may we submit in humility, motivated through the heart of a servant. Amen

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