“I will make a helpmeet for him.” (Genesis 2:18)

When Adam saw Eve, his tongue did a somersault,


God had given him exactly what he needed - a friend and companion. The sheer beauty and allurement of her presence was overwhelming and compelling at the same time. He wanted to both be and share himself with her.

Taken from man’s side, the woman was given to Adam as a helpmate – describing function rather than worth. A fortifier and completion of his person, she was God’s inside man, designed to fulfill the mission of nurturing and multiplying the earth.

Today, our selfish society has done everything to bring a woman’s role as help-mate and companion into disrepute. The role of a homemaker and housewife are seen as ignorant and slavish. Submission has become an ugly word, rejected and despised.

Few woman today are able to see through this deception and embrace their God given role.

The ethereal power of a woman who has found her place is incredible in the least. Suffice it to say, she can move mountains through her intercession.  Woman and man were designed to operate as one, however, they must find their place in the marriage.

In most marriages today, husbands and wives are performing the same roles leading to confusion, division, and divorce. The lie of self-seeking and self interest has blinded the eyes of many. But woman of God, I challenge you to find your unique place in God.

Not a demotion, but elevation into the presence of God where you can change your husband, your home, and your world.

*Thought* What is the purpose of a helper if we refuse their help?

Prayer Time

Father, you know us better than we know ourselves. May we become vessels fitted for your use. As wives, may we desire to give in service with our whole hearts and without feelings of resentment. As husbands, may we value the assistance of our wives and allow them to function as the divine helpers you have created for us. Together may we fulfil your mission for our lives each and every day.

Marriage Mechanics

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