From the Case Files of Marriage Mechanics: Never Give Up!

Updated: Jan 20

**Inspirational stories to uplift and encourage.  The cases are real; the people are real; the names and places are fake.**

Putting up shots on a basketball court is my way of clearing my mind and releaving stress.  Plus, I get the added benefit of being a better shooter. I was doing that when I noticed a couple siting silently and somberly on a park bench.  They looked like the world had just ended.

Concerned, I walked over and introduced myself. They were Jennifer and Fabian.  Jennifer's eyes were red from recently crying and Fabian looked like he could use a bath and shave.  They were in really really bad shape both emotionally and financially.

Jennifer told me that Fabian had been out of work for almost a year and she does hair, but it didn't bring in much money.  And, with five children and a baby on the way, things looked hopeless.

I could feel the pain and stress.  My heart ached. They were barely making it on food stamps and government Section Eight housing benefits.  I kept my composure and very patiently begin to encourage them. 

This was not the end! 

God had a plan for their lives.  After encouraging them for a while, we had prayer.

I found out where they lived and Kim (my deceased wife) and I went over to visit. She helped washing clothes and I took the kids to the YMCA.  We continued to help for a few months.

Finally, things just clicked.  Fabian started and grew his own business making thousands of dollars.  They bought their own home, and Jennifer finally had her own hair salon. 

Jesus did it!  To God be all the glory, great things, he has done!

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