“Children are an heritage of the Lord and the Fruit of the Womb is his reward.”  (Psalms 127:3)

 “Take them away, can’t you see he is busy,”

the disciples said as they pushed the children away.  But Jesus stopped them saying,

“Suffer the little children to come to me and forbid them not for of such is the kingdom of heaven.”   

Today children are still being pushed aside even within the very place where they were placed to grow, blossom, find shelter, and direction.  It is through the relationship of their parents that children are prepared for the kingdom of God.

It is there that they learn to love, forgive, relate, and live.  What we give to them will return to us for better or worse.  They make visible our strengths and imperfections. 

Our children are our greatest blessing from God in our marriages.  Daily, as I look at the three little flower buds that have been placed in our marriage, I give glory to God.   Each one is so alike, yet so different.   They have become the source of some of our greatest lessons, even with each other. 

 There were so many times when they reflected on what we failed to see in our relationship.  Few parents see children as an investment in their future.  The world belongs to our children and whether we raise them to see us serving God, or serving ourselves, will determine how the world will become.

Few grasp the opportunity to raise children of excellence.  The purpose of having children is not for control, manipulation, and domination or to live our dreams through them.  Parenthood is a level of ministry that prepares righteous seed unto the Lord. God is depending on the parents or guardians to instruct each child in his ways and teach them to honor his word. They are a loan to be given back to the Lord.  Just as Hannah “loaned” Samuel unto the Lord, we must do the same with our children. 

We must ask God for wisdom in raising our children. Then, we must live a life of holiness validating the tangible existence of God.   Each child is a potential arrow that will be released to change the world, for better or for worse.  He has given them to us that we may with his guidance, rear up godly seed.  This week lets us focus on children in the Bible whose lives changed life’s circumstances.

*Thought*    Our children are our future. 

Prayer Father,  We are so selfish at times with our children, Help us to remember that you have entrusted them to us that we may present them back to you.  Open our understanding of your word that we may pass it on to these little gems, and may each one go forth to become pillars in Your kingdom.

Marriage Mechanics

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