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"I am my beloved's, and my beloved is mine: he feedeth among the lilies."  (Songs of Solomon 6:3)

Faults are easy to see.  We all have them.  Some are insignificant like an annoying habit of forgetting to put dishes in the sink after eating.  Or, they can be truly be detrimental and deadly like having lustful thoughts.

When a husband has a fault, he not only impacts himself, but his whole family.  He is the head and the authority flows through him.  As such, he needs a prudent and wise wife who can balance his faults with her strengths.  God has divinely empowered women to help their husbands complete the mission to produce righteous seed.

An immature and insecure woman sees her husband faults as an advantage.  She can use them as leverage to undermine his authority, take control, and rule the household. 

The woman of virtue, however, sees a king.  She supports and encourages him.  Nothing wrong with confronting faults and discussing challenges.   But, it's always done to bring healing and reaching new marital heights.

*Thought*: Nothing in life is ever what it appears.  We need our Father's eyes.


Lord give me the grace to help and support my husband.  Teach me how to be a woman of virtue and power that empowers and provide the help he needs.  Amen.

Marriage Mechanics

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