Devotion: Lord Help My Wife

Updated: Jan 20

“My son, attend unto my wisdom.”  (Proverbs 5:1)     

Have you ever heard the phrase....

“The ways of a woman are past finding out?” 

Is it a verse of scripture or could it be that, maybe this phrase has been coined by frustrated men unable to secure a model relationship with God’s feminine creature.

However, when we read the Song of Solomon, we find a Shulamite woman desperately and insatiably in love with her beloved.  Solomon, through wisdom, was able to tap into the delicate feminine psyche and bridge the emotional gap that separates man and woman. 

What most men lack when dealing with their wives is wisdom.  Their logical and regimented approach causes them to get lost on the road to a woman’s heart.  They forget to take the.......

right on spontaneity,

the second left on gentleness,

then go straight ahead on compassion

Thus, they make relationships with females impossible.

Granted, most women enter marriage wounded with insecurity, egotistical pride, and control

However, when men move in the Wisdom of God, they will learn to navigate these treacherous seas.  Their most powerful tools will be listening, tenderness of disposition, and spontaneity Patience, compassion, and devotion are reserves that will bring victory. 

If she wants to talk, listen without correcting.  Cuddle her with tenderness and without hesitation.  Kiss her with lips of passion and remember to be unpredictable sometimes.

No, she is not impossible, she is your wife, flesh of your flesh and bone of your bone.

*Thought*    A covering of love, is a quick fix for insecurity.

Prayer Time: 

Precious Redeemer,

Lord change my wife by first changing me.  I am the one that is responsible.  Help me to walk in the way that you have paved for the husbandman.  Show me how to love, cover, protect, and lead her in Your righteousness.   I am grateful for receiving this woman to love.   Strengthen our weak points and regulate our strong points that we may walk in the fulfillment of Your glory, together.


Marriage Mechanics

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