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“A prudent wife is from the Lord.” (Proverbs 19:14)

It was late in the afternoon when Mr. and Mrs. Williams sat before the counselor in a desperate attempt to save a failing marriage.

When the counselor began to question them, immediately each began accusing the other. Mrs. Williams charged her husband with being controlling and insensitive. He responded by scorning his wife for being a weak woman and a sad excuse for a wife.

Another accusation came as Mrs. Williams burst into tears.

“He is an impossible man to live with,”

she said to the counselor.

“His meticulous drill sergeant way of leadership is driving everyone crazy."

With sympathy he handed her a piece of tissue and began to show her the godly way of handling her dilemma. He noticed her hopelessness in not being able to reach her husband’s heart, but there was a way.

For most women, this is their plea. They live with a man that is unable to come down to their level of sensitivity.  Yet, many women miss the point of coming up to man’s need for trust and integrity. It is only when his heart can safely trust her that she will be able to influence him, and begin to see some change in her marriage.

The woman was divinely created to influence the man, however, the only way that she would be successful is when she submits to walking in God’s divine purpose for her life.

Proverbs tells us that the woman that fears the Lord shall be praised. To fear God means that one walks in humility never taking matters into their own hands.

Of course, this is hard for the flesh. We are often quick to respond both physically and verbally. Often times we find ourselves resorting to vengeance to have our way. By so doing, we feed the insecurity and distrust of our husbands, hence, destroying trust and fostering disunity in our marriages.

In contrast, when we allow the Holy Spirit to use us as a light we respond in humility, sincerity, quietness, and obedience. We become a vessel through which he can channel his glory. When the glory is revealed, then we will see the true handiwork of God.

*Thought* What is worth doing, is worth doing well.


My Father, Lord change my husband, by first changing me. I accept your

Divine will for my life. May the feminine nature of God in me, inspire the masculine nature of God in my husband. Together, may we accomplished fulfill your mission in the earth for the husband and wife. In the name of Jesus, I claim it, Amen.

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