Couples's Devotion


“Can two walk together except they be agreed.”  ( Amos 3:3)

Some of the most treasured moments any couple will share are the unhindered moments of bearing our hearts openly to one another. It is during these times that light is shared, worlds are created, and rare discoveries made. 

Some of our most treasured moments were times when we opened up to each other and talked.   It may not have been about anything special in the beginning, but it ended with us feeling so much closer.   

Sometimes, our conversations may explore deep waters, and other times they just played along the shoreline.

Consider how God began the universe with just a few words and darkness was dispelled. 

“Let there be light,” He said, and there was light.   

As He continued to speak the world unfolded and the beauty and splendor of creation was born. 

This is the dynamics of communication - the ability to delve into the unknown through the spoken word. 

 Few couples take advantage of creating beauty and splendor in their marriage by opening up their hearts and just talking to one another.  Communications brings growth, maturity, and uncovers hidden secrets that may cause damage later on. 

Results will not happen over night, but begin now to build a bridge of communication with the one you love, find time to talk with your spouse, your children, and your loved ones

Encourage openness, and watch a beautiful world open up before your very eyes.


We can do anything we want if we stick to it long enough.


Jehovah Nissi, You are our banner. Cover our relationship and plant into it the seed that will bring love and light.   Open our dark understanding to the pathway that You have paved for us, and may we walk it together. Amen.

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