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From Fox News - CDC plans to 'pivot the language' on vaccination, Walensky says

CDC plans to 'pivot the language' on vaccination, Walensky says

They have to change the language or what it means to be vaccinated because gene therapy and vaccination are two very different things. Vaccination implies immunity. In other words, the end result is full protection from disease.

Gene therapy: is activating or messaging your genes to do stuff. In this case, to produce immunity.

This therapy has not done that.  

This is highly unethical and dangerous. It's very obvious that the science is unproven, faulty, not to mention the covered-up of adverse effects.

Furthermore, gene therapy is science that requires very very strict oversight considering the moral and religious ramifications. A human being is a private person and

no a r t I f I c i a l stimulus that has the possibility of taking control of his WILL should be put in his body without safeguards, public discussion, and government oversight.

Private companies i.e. pharmaceuticals should never have this authority. Never! Fear should never be the motivation for making any decision, especially those that have life-altering consequences. This technology can be life-altering in many ways.

It's very sad what's going on!

Gene therapy is gene therapy. It's activating genes through some stimulus to do things that they normally do or otherwise. I look at my cells as a group of people assigned different tasks within my body.

In order for my body to function well, I need to treat these people with love and respect. I need to ensure that they have adequate water and good nutritional food. They need rest and exercise to increase circulation and to be strong.

Gene therapy is assisting some of the sick people in my body. Or adding some good people to my body to do work so my body can function properly. Learning how this works, is a good thing. Except, when this technology, falls into the wrong hands. Someone who only...only cares about money. Then control me, my body, to produce for them. That sounds pharmaceutical companies.

Greed blinds.

Greed is ruthless.

Greed lies.

And, that is exactly what they are doing to the public.


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