Trump Derangement Syndrome

Updated: Jan 20

Food For Thought!

Trump is a flawed man. 

He has faults

His faults are magnified because he is in the spotlight, seated at the height of human authority.

However, after living through several Presidents, he is the best one I have seen (with all his faults)

I call him "Chemotherapy" because he kills both good and bad cells.

Nonetheless, he is keeping America alive.  America has terminal moral cancer.  The acceptance of homosexuality means judgment has to come. 

It's not's when! 

God is not mock, for whatever a man sows, that he shall also reap.

Watching the American press is like watching someone beat themselves.  The arrogance displayed is ferocious.  Their questions are meant to be sensational and trap him. 

That''s what arrogance does.  It's not interested in truth.   They want him to look stupid.  Yet, if the president fails regardless of political party affiliation whether you like him or not everyone suffers!  The ignorance is palpable.  Arrogance, spiritual poop,  makes even very simple and elementary truths impossible to grasp. 

You are a "know it all." Sad...

This is the truth: we are nothing.  We are created from God's word and everything we have...everything...comes from God.  We are all zeros.  Whether it's the color of our hair, color of our skin,  aptitude, where we were born etc.

He decides

He purposes.   

Let's all humble ourselves.  Pestilences,  famines, earthquakes and other catastrophes are not Trump's fault. 

They are the payback for our very vile behavior!

  • Homosexuality is sin. 

  • Abortion (murder of innocent people) is sin. 

  • Destroying divine order in families by putting women over men in the home is sin.

  • Being selfish and self-centered is sin.

Mankind didn't miraculously appear after a big bang. Absolute idiocy and nonsense! Jesus created us.  This is his world!  He created us for his pleasure, and until we take a step of faith, we will continue to wander around in darkness,  beating  the air, and beating up on Trump.

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