Accusations!! (Very, very, deep!!! Please share!)

Thought of the day

In the beginning when man fell from grace and sinned against God, Satan accused God of lying. With his upside-down mind, he used accusation as a smokescreen to hide that he was the real liar to prevent inquiry and thought.

This methodology of intimidation and verbal pressure is endemic today. 

It's used by husbands and wives to win arguments, it's used by the media to cover their corruption, and it's used by political opponents to hide their true motives. 

Simply, accuse the other person of what you are doing...nobody will suspect or believe you are one who is actually doing it! Wow!

People fall for it because they are ruled by their emotions instead of fact or truth. It's the reason Satan is creating a matriarchal society with woman as the head. You see, man was designed as the head and protector.  He operates, or should operate on fact and truth. The female is designed, with purpose by the Creator, to feel and sense more than the male.

 Together, they are an awesome team. Especially if there is no "I" in the team.  And, Together, Everyone, Achieves, More.

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