Fellowshipping with Lambert Sands


As you know, the fight for marriage and families is a constant battle that will not end until our Lord appears.  Marriage is the cornerstone of the family and the reason the enemy fights to confuse and destroy its significance.  We must continue to resist his plans!

Marriage Mechanics started in 1996 by husband and wife team Lambert and Kim Sands. Suffering from a recent tragedy and death of their fourth child, the couple then received a divine call to marriage ministry.


They started a local magazine formatted TV program called Marriage Mechanics. The program became the most popular TV program on a secular station; thus began Marriage Mechanics Ministries, a multi-facet ministry using TV, radio, and the print media to build, revitalize, and bring encouragement to couples and those contemplating marriage with a Bible-based marriage message. The Ministry relocated to the Florida area in 1998.

Lambert Sands, President of Marriage Mechanics, and originally from the Bahamas, is an ordained minister and has been in ministry for almost forty years. He is a gifted speaker and author of numerous books. He currently lives in Florida with his two daughters after the passing of his wife in 2012 and is a devoted full time mentor to husband & wives, couples, and youth.