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Premarital Counseling & Marrriage Classes



(You only pay for your materials - $35.00 per couple)



Times have changed and nothing is as it seems. Do you know how torecognize red flags? If you don't, you could be in for a very bad surprise!

You only live once and a bad marriage Is not a mistake that you can make!! A bad marriage can cause stress, financial issues, health problems and even death!

Its the sad truth...but it can be avoided!


Set aside pride and prepare yourself!! Take the premarital class and learn how to avoid bad people and a bad marriage!

Six (6) classes (one hour each): 1. Take the Marriage Aptitude Test and test your understanding of marriage and what it takes to make it work


2. Learn who you can't walk down the aisle with: red flags


3. What is marriage


4. The roles of the husband and wife


5. Family planning


6.Taking lovemaking to the next level

Remember, marriage is a lifetime experience. Don’t be the person who believes they are signing a marriage certificate, but instead, they are signing into misery!!

These classes are online and international and you can take them from anywhere in the world.


For more information please email us at: marriagemechanics@hotmail.com


*CLASSES START Tuesday August 6, 2019 8 p.m. EST*






(You only pay for your materials - $50 per couple)




Put on your gloves and fight for your marriage!!!

 Divorced, separated, sexless marriage, marriage roles confusion, constant arguing and fighting, then, you need this class.

Eight (8) classes one hour each (eight weeks) of intensive instruction to build a proper marriage foundation and also learn how to spiritually and scripturally fight for your marriage.


Topics included:

Who the real enemy is, and, it isn't Susan or Jack. Our roles in the twenty-first century, making reconciliation work, understanding why we fuss and fight, homemaker or breadwinner, bringing the passion back and much more!

.:Current books available and can be purchased online:.


-The Complete Fight For Your Marriage Book

-The Real Truth About Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage

-Living Single

-The Noah Chronicles

-Books in the works/to be published

-Understanding Male Authority

-The Long and Short of Choosing the Right Marriage Partner

-Understanding the Matrix- Our universe has codes!

-The Treasure Box (A couple’s devotional)

-Ministering to Marriages (A counselor's guide to laying the right marriage foundation)