Marriage Mechanics



The marriage relationship is the foundation of the family, community, church, and nation. Each year in America and the western world, more than 12 million couples are married.

Sadly, more than 60% of these marriages end in divorce. As a result, many are scarred emotionally, businesses and churches are adversely affected, and nations suffer crippling effects.

When we save a marriage,

we are strengthening the

very fabric of our society and

we build the nation for

future generations.



Marriage Mechanics is a registered

non-profit organization in the state

of Florida with 501 c 3 IRS status. This ministries focus is to reach today’s families with a message of hope and encouragement. The ministry started in 1996 with a local television program that highlighted couples with various relational problems.


The program offered a

compassionate and biblically based message for today’s marriages. Marriage Mechanics realizes that the fight for marriages is a real one.

Broken marriages affect not only homes and lives, but communities and nations. In Central Florida, this organization works with pre-marital counseling in Osceola, Orange , Seminole, and Volusia County to avoid the courts  and to help couples better prepare for the marriage relationship ahead as well as building stronger families from the core.


In an effort to strengthen the individuals, Marriage Mechanics offers Books, Tapes, CDs, and a televised messages to those who are Married, Separated, Divorced, or preparing to be married. This organization reaches beyond race, creed, and cultures to help stabilize hearts and homes. The message is inspiring, informative, motivating, powerful, and aimed to bring hope and encouragement to today’s relationships.