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Marriage Mechanics building and revitalizing marriage through the word of God.

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25 questions designed to test your understaning of marriage and the quality of a marriage relationship.  See if you know...what you really need to know!!!

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Maintaining any relationship has its ups and downs. Our marriage counseling assesses any potential issues and offers guidance for you both to move into a positive future.

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Reading is good for the soul, especially when it offers education and soothes concerns. Discover our books on the varied relationships we experience throughout life.


Who We Are

Marriage Mechanics is a Christian based marriage ministry providing sound and timeless Bible answers for today’s couples and those preparing for marriage.  Using radio, television and the print media, Marriage Mechanics seeks to spiritually empower men and women, and illuminate Bible truths that makes relationships work.   The Prophet Hosea says, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge…”  (Hosea 4:6).

Marriage Mechanics Testimonies


When Tiana and I met Lambert, we were just living together and having a lot of relationship problems.  When Lambert told me that I should take his marriage class, I thought, “Why not, it couldn’t hurt.”  Today, I’m so glad that we did.  Our marriage is by no means perfect, but thank God for all the good advice that we received.  It kept us from going to the divorce court.

Now, when we have problems, we use the methods and the advice that we received to help resolve our issues.  We are more transparent, unified, and most of all forgiving than we have ever been.  I thank God for the grace and wisdom that God has given Marriage Mechanics to help others find their way!

Mike & Tiana Deltona, Florida

Couple, Marriage Ministry

We truly had an eye opening experience at the marriage conference. Minister Lambert Sands encouraged couples to be transparent with each other. He strongly encouraged the men to walk in their God ordained role. It was good that we could be transparent with other couples and realized some issues facing us, was not only unique to our marriage. It was a weekend well spent. 

Calbert & Audrey Francis, Atlanta Georgia.

Couple, Marriage Ministry

The Family Enrichment Weekend at Covington Drive Church of God of Prophecy in August 2014 was a great experience where families could fellowship with and learn from one another. The couples’ sessions gave insight into what it takes to build intimacy. Being naked and transparent with your mate, no secrets, was one of the points that stuck with us and has helped to enrich our relationship.  

BJ and Prudencia Jacobs, Atlanta Georgia.

Book of the Month

Book of the Month

Without doubt, judgment is here! As in the days of Noah—when torrential rains flooded the earth and destroyed every living creature, leaving only Noah, his family, and the animal inhabitants of the Ark—our end-time religious apostasy has devastated the church, leaving few spiritual survivors. Noah found grace and mercy in his time, and we must also. In an insightful fashion, author Lambert Sands seeks to illuminate the principles of finding grace and mercy in our most perilous and apostate time.  This book is a must read for those seeking wisdom in our very dark and deceitful time.  Only $12.39


1.  Why there is a meltdown in Iraq

2.  Why politics can't help us

3.  About the present apostasy in the church

4.  How to keep yourself from the present delusion

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